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On 136th Day of CDing

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sukitha in Devon 2011

Sukitha in Devon

Saturday, 23 February 2008

23rd Feb - 4th Day of diet - 152.6lbs

I am really happy that I did not give up yesterday because today when I checked my weight it was really really great. I'd lost 1.4lbs in a day. Today was again another tough day because Saturday I am at home and obviously get tempted so much. But I cooked for my husband but never ate. I had one or two bites here and there. It was not because I was hungry it was just to tast stuff :)

22nd Feb - 3rd day 154lbs

Yesterday's weight was 154lbs. Not bad.

I was not well yesterday and did not go to work. Because I was at home and was tired I was getting really tempted to break my diet. But I thought I have already suffered the first two days which is usually difficult, if I break it at this stage, then those two days of struggle would go waste. So I was strong and did not give up and I am happy that I didn't